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    Archive for September, 2007


    Posted by Lady Periphaeria on September 28, 2007

    As stated previously do NOT upload your images into this blog’s uploads.

    I will remove all the images uploaded to SAT into Imageshack and delete them from SAT’s uploads. In future all images uploaded to SAT will be deleted without further notice. (Sounds nasty, but saves a buttload of work from me. 8) )

    As there is no unlimited space to store the images it is just fair that NO ONE gets to use SAT’s image storage. I am not using it either for my SAT pictures. (I reserve the right to use it for administrational purposes.)

    Thank you for your co-operation. 🙂 (See the left sidebar for some free image hosts.)

    P.S. I will write a page on the matter for future reference over the weekend. 🙂


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    A little bit of heart

    Posted by beastitcher on September 25, 2007

    This is my progress on this SAT.

    Filigree Heart _09_25_2007

    Sorry for not posting earlier.

    See you in the next SAT!!

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    First SAT and intro

    Posted by leenastitching on September 25, 2007


    I’m Leena from Finland and someone talked me into this SAT 🙂 I have a blog so you can take a look if you want to see what I’ve been stitching lately. It has been great to take a look at your photos and progress in this blog!

    This was the first weekend I participated in this SAT and fortunately I had some time to stitch! I’m sorry I’m a bit late in posting as life has been so busy. I stitched Long Dog Samplers St Hippolyte and above you can see “before” and “after” photos. I’m sorry the colours are so different in the photos, I think the one below shows them better.

    I was happy to get the narrow band above the flower band done this weekend. I like how it looks on the fabric, but it was a bit boring to stitch as the colours are so pale. I also managed to continue the colourful border in the flower band and added couple of butterflies.

    Until next time, happy stitching 🙂

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    SAT Results

    Posted by Renée Goodvin on September 25, 2007

    Poets Heart, Progress as of 24.09.07 - Click for a larger image! I think I did a pretty good job of meeting my goals…

    First up, I wanted to finish the backstitching on the “Poet’s Heart” band that I have been working on. This goal was easily accomplished in about one hour. (Sorry for the goofy picture, but I am sans scanner at the moment and my camera’s rechargeable batteries are in dire need of replacement!) I really love the way this piece is turning out and can’t wait to get it finished so that I can hang it in my new office!

    Friday Cactus, Progress as of 24.09.07 - Click for a larger image! My second goal was to simply work on (and perhaps finish) my Friday Cactus. Well, I didn’t finish it as I 1.) was invited for a “girl’s night out” with some colleagues on Friday evening, 2.) was taken on a scenic tour of the area of my new home on Saturday, and 3.) decided that I needed to do a little in-depth cleaning of my new apartment on Sunday .

    However, I have probably reached the 75% mark on my Friday Cactus, so I think I can safely say that I reached the goals that I set for myself.

    Until next month! 😀

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    Two Bushes and a Window

    Posted by tropo on September 25, 2007

    Michael Powell’s Mini Christmas Window 3

    Originally uploaded by tropo

    Well, I didn’t get all the cross stitching done this weekend, but I did have a lot of fun doing it.  I expect that I will keep going on this project until it is finished.  Only three pots, two windows, and a tree to go.

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    This stitch a thon

    Posted by iris1973 on September 24, 2007

    didn’t do much, but here it is :

    first I started on the Halloween SAL from my own group, the Halloween House. This is how far I got :

    — Oops, I misplaced the link of this and can’t find it anywhere anymore. Sorry. 😦

    I also made a start on a little halloween witch, a design by SanMan.

    Note by admin: Please DO NOT use SAT blog’s uploads. Images moved elsewhere.

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    First SAT

    Posted by mombasa67 on September 24, 2007

    Hi ladies,

    my first SAT is behind and I just loved stitching the whole weekend. Well, didn’t get as much stitching time as I would have wanted, but some anyhow. So here’s what I got done:

    Terveisin Mia

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    Another finish

    Posted by chiasmata on September 24, 2007

    Here’s the result of the second half of my stitchathon.

    (Sorry, Picasa pic. I’ll upload to another place when I finish finish it).Finished my bookmark, a Teresa Wentzler knotwork design. Just over 20 hours stitching time all up! Only TW could make a bookmark that complicated… 😛

     Looking forward to next month’s stitchathon, with new projects.

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    My progress

    Posted by Ternezia on September 24, 2007

    Can say I somewhat reached my goal – minding that I almost had no time to stitch, I still had quite a lot of the curtain done. I think it will be ok to leave this project for now and pick it again for the next SAT.  

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    Behold, a shrubbery!

    Posted by Lady Periphaeria on September 24, 2007

    As I actually had no goal except for stitching Loy I made my goal. :mrgreen:

    I practically stitched this only in Sunday due an occult case of hypersomnia (33 hours of sleep within 41 hours… It seems to me that it has been cold induced. My sinuses don’t feel very good at the moment…)

    It was great to get back together with Loy, even I got only a bit done. It’s always closer to the finish, and this is one of those projects where you look at the charted colours in awe and doubt highly the choices of the designer, but, after you get some of the odd colour stitched you get the idea and get the kicks out of it.
    For example I had been wondering for ages those areas of 3371 in a shrub – shrubs are supposed to be green, right? – but now when I have actually stitched all the 3371 in the page four I get the idea. It would be even more obvious if I had had time to stitch the leaf under the shrub.
    I think that, in the artist’s mind, that shrub in the background has wooden stems which explains the “high” and very dark shadow.

    (Partly cross posted to Solarium Sublime.)

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    LK Flip-its bits

    Posted by vipsu2000 on September 24, 2007

    Here is my progress for last weekend. I was too tired last night to post the progress but here it comes.
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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    Leslie’s September Progress

    Posted by ralphy36 on September 24, 2007

    I am super proud of how much progress I made this weekend considering my stitching time was a bit limited. We had a birthday dinner for my mom, tons of chores and I accidentally took a three hour nap on Saturday during time I had planned to use to stitch…ooops:) I did manage to get about half way done with the stitching on Outi’s Winter Dragon for our Round Robin. The purples and greys look fantastic on her purple handdyed fabric! I hope to have this one finished by Tuesday or Wednesday so I can send it on to the next stitcher when I go to mail my neighborhood RR. I hate going to the post office. Here is what I did this weekend…I started with a blank piece of linen.
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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    I reached my Goal

    Posted by Rachael on September 23, 2007

    Friday's Start 21/09/07 Friday
    Saturday's progress 22/09/07 Saturday
    Sunday Morn 23/09/07 Saturday Night
    Sun 23/09/07 Goal finish Sunday Goal Reached

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    Yay! Stitchy time again! :)

    Posted by Stargazer on September 22, 2007

    Hi all.  Sorry I’m a bit late joining in again this month.  I’ve been looking forward to this weekend soooo much!  I spent far too long dithering over which project to do this time and in the end I’ve decided to work on the same project I did last month.  I haven’t stitched much on it since then, but here is my progress so far:

    My goal for this month is to finish the cat and possible up to half of the teddy bear as well.  If I manage to get that much done, I’ll probably carry on in between my current commitments until it’s finished.

     Good luck to everyone on reaching their goals and getting a good lot of stitching done this weekend.

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    Posted by chiasmata on September 22, 2007

    A finish!

    Bee My Friend

    Bee My Friend – Margaret Sherry
    Stitched with DMC floss and Kreinik blending filament on hand dyed Stitches and Spice ‘Wintered Marble’ 28ct Jobelan.

    I confess I had quite a bit of motivation to finish these guys. My local framing shop is relocating and they’ve having a massive sale, finishing tomorrow. Hopefully I can pick up a nice frame on the cheap. 🙂

    Now it’s on to the next project, and hopefully another happy dance.

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    Friday’s here

    Posted by Rachael on September 21, 2007

    I have a pic on my blog,of my project,Good luck to everyone !!

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    Beastitcher’s September Goal

    Posted by beastitcher on September 21, 2007


    I’m so busy now in the work, and each day I arrive at home so so tired. But I don’t forget this SAT!

    I’m sorry but I don’t have camera to take a photo (anyone has got it)

    This weekend I’m going to stitch in the Filigree Heart that was a mystere chart . I’ve stitched 5 parts and a half, and I would like to stitch at least one part more. 8considering that I’m so so tired)

    anyway, this was the last photo that I take it.

    Filigree Heart

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    Cathy’s September SAT

    Posted by cruzstitch on September 21, 2007

    This month for the stitch-a-thon, I’ll be working on my daughter’s stocking,which I’ve just started. It’s Holiday Dreams by Stoney Creek. I’m setting the very ambitious goal to finish the parts of the three carolers that are are the first page.

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    This stitch a thon

    Posted by iris1973 on September 21, 2007

    This stitch a thon I’m going to start on the SAL from my own stitching group. It’s a halloween SAL, with a freebie pattern from Maryse called Happy Halloween .

    I’m not going to set a goal, because I’m on the night shift this weekend, so not much stitching time, but I’ll post a picture on monday how far I got…..

    Have fun all !!!

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    Upcoming Stitch-A-Thon

    Posted by stitchyfingers on September 21, 2007


    Hi everyone!  This month’s Stitch-A-Thon coincides with the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur.  I’m sorry but I cannot participate.  I will however stitch the following weekend and then post my progress.  I haven’t stitched on the Rose Garden piece since last month and I’m very eager to get back to it.



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