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    Archive for December, 2007

    SAT epilogue – finally!

    Posted by Lady Periphaeria on December 30, 2007

    Now that I am well enough to claim that I am not sick anymore (excluding the cough) it’s time to introduce my SAT failure…

    I only stitched this in Sunday, because I used Saturday to trim and grid the fabric by hand, before I had to call it quits because my muscles and joints began to ache too much to be allowed.

    Well, at least I got it started… 😐


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    SAT finishes

    Posted by leenastitching on December 29, 2007

    I’m a bit late in posting, but better late than never 🙂 I didn’t stitch St Hippolyte this weekend, as I had some other stitching to do. So I finished this Christmas ornament, it was a gift and the design is Periphaeria Designs Artichoke Lace, but I completely changed the colours. I just love the original colours, but I wanted to do this gift with more traditional Christmas colours.

    I also finished stitching something for an exchange, but I can’t show you photos yet, as it is still travelling 🙂

    I will reorganize my rotation for the new year, so I think I’m going to stitch something else than St Hippolyte during the SAT weekends next year!

    Until next time, happy stitching 🙂


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    Flo Progress

    Posted by Renée Goodvin on December 24, 2007

    Fairy Flora, Progress as of 23.12.07 - Click for a larger image! My goal was to finish Outi’s birthday exchange and/or work on “Fairy Flora.” I finished the birthday exchange before the weekend, so I worked on Flo. Since I knew I would be traveling part of the weekend, I didn’t have any specific goals but I managed to work on her for about 4 hours and get some more flowers done. I hope to be able to start working on her wings soon.

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    Stitchathon finishes

    Posted by chiasmata on December 24, 2007

    I didn’t get a whole heap of stitching done over the weekend, but I finished stitching and then finished off the last few christmas ornaments for this year.

    And that’s me done for this year’s festive stitching. I hope everyone else managed to get a few stitches in this weekend.

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    Different goals for this and next months stitchathons

    Posted by mombasa67 on December 22, 2007

    Hi everyone,

    this month will be moving, moving, moving…. so no stitching for me, since I have everything to pack and move!

    And January; due to the fact that our internetconnection won’t be up until the beginning of Feb, I won’t be able to post anything. But I do think that our new home will be “up” by then, so I might as well stitch the weekend anyhow! 😀 Taking part in 4 exchanges *how did I manage to get myself into 4….* I’ll have a lot to do! Lucky for me, I’ve got 3 exchanges ending at the END of January 😀

    So my goal for the January stitchathon weekend is to have all the exhcanges finalized, I’ll be posting pictures once I’m back on the net.

    Terveisin Mia

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    Christmas SAT

    Posted by Rachael on December 22, 2007

    I think any stitching done this week will be my goal! If i get a chance in between refereeing the kids and their squabbles!!

    Good luck to everyone else and their goals!!

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    A new start for the stitch a thon

    Posted by vkchev on December 21, 2007

    I decided on a new start for this stitch a thon. In about 30 mins(after dinner is done with) I am going to start stitching on the Nora Corbet design “Victorian Christmas Eve” that is in the Cross stitch and Needlework mag. I don’t have much on this weekend, just some tidying and the food shopping very early tomorrow morning to avoid the crowds. Mel

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    Because off ….

    Posted by iris1973 on December 21, 2007

    …the Holidays, and lots of shopping and organizing to be done, I won’t be particiapting in this SAT. I’ll try to do some stitching in between , and post a picture of what I did. I’m going to start something new, called Christmas Tea by Plum Street Samplers. The original is on blue fabric, but I tea-dyed my own fabric for it 😉

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    Due to the

    Posted by stitchitandie on December 21, 2007

    early arrival of “Bethany Joy” I will be skipping this months sal 🙂

    See you next month 🙂



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    ‘Tis the season to be goaling…

    Posted by Lady Periphaeria on December 19, 2007

    …because I am going to stay at my mom’s for few weeks from Friday and I will therefore have whole weekend reserved just for stitching!

    I won’t stitch Loy Krathong this month (*sigh*), but I will start Flashes of Gold, which is my RR piece at Solarium Sublime‘s Virtual RR#1 – and I will be SATting with it because my start is well overdue.
    And this is how it will look like when it grows up:

      (Click the pictures to see it bigger.)

    Though, the fabric I use is, once again, hand-dyed so there will be a difference as it’s more muted, lighter and marbled shade of navy. (I would provide pictures if I hadn’t already packed my cameras and stash.)
    My goal is to stitch half of the first section (cunningly numbered 1.).

    I am planning to get back to Loy In January, but who knows… I have models to be stitched so there may be more delay. :mrgreen:

    By the way, if someone is interested to see how the Winter Dragon turned out click the link.

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    On the Road

    Posted by Renée Goodvin on December 19, 2007

    I will be on the road part of the weekend, but I will try to participate anyway. (Unfortunately I will be driving, so no stitching in the car for me… I am not that good at multi-tasking! )

    If I haven’t finished the Lady’s belated birthday gift by then I will work on it, otherwise I will probably work on “Fairy Flora.” When we last saw her (back in August) she looked like this:

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    Chrissy Eve Eve Goals

    Posted by chiasmata on December 19, 2007

    I’m in for this month’s SAT, but no guarantees on how much stitching I’ll get done! 😛 This time of year is madness… 

     I’ve ditched my rotation for this month and focusing on ornaments and festive smalls. I’ve got one WIP which I started last night. Fingers crossed I can get it finished and then finished by Christmas. Hopefully the SAT will help me with that.  

    I hope a few other brave souls join in the SAT this month. 🙂

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    ‘Tis the season to be stitching

    Posted by Lady Periphaeria on December 19, 2007

    Which means that Stitch-A-Thon weekend is approaching!
    I know that to some of you it is the worst possible weekend ever, so feel free to take a SAT-free month. :mrgreen:

    I will be stitching, and Leena, I challenge you to SAT too… 😉

    And I have a minor request: please categorize your posts under suitable category as WP tends to create silly category (1) when no category is defined.
    It’s simple really. The categories are used like this:

    • Achievements: to post what you achieved during SAT.
    • Announcements: I use this category to announce things.
    • Blogroll: Don’t use this.
    • Goals: to posts where you place your SAT goals.
    • Info: another one for my use.
    • Introductions: Simply for intros.
    • Misc.: for misc. posts, for example feeling bad for not being able to participate due work/life…
    • Participants: to my use only, again. Our blogroll.

    Thanks. 🙂

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