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    Archive for March, 2008

    March Success

    Posted by tropo on March 27, 2008

    This is the first of two

    One of my goals for 2008 was to stitch two ornaments from my many Just Cross Stitch Ornament magazines. I stitched this little one on Friday.

    I started this one on Saturday, but stopped stitching it because although I brought several selections of green for the main tree, I didn’t like any of them. The March Christmas ornament SAL suggested a sheep.

    I did manage to finish this one on Monday. If you want to know more about the thread and fabric changes I made, please see my blog.


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    March HD!

    Posted by chiasmata on March 24, 2008

    Well I got my HD! 😀

    This is a real acheivement for me, and I couldn’t be happier!

    I also used my HD boost to make a nice dent into another WIP, The Lookout, to finish off the first page and started on the second.

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    SAT Success!

    Posted by canuckstitcher on March 24, 2008

    Well okay, mostly success. I didn’t get a chance to start the word Remember, but I finished Love and am quite pleased with how the project is turning out so far. This is a SAL that I’m doing on a couple of boards and I’ve been behind, so it’s nice to catch up.

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    Beastitcher’s Achievement

    Posted by beastitcher on March 24, 2008

    Yeah!! I’ve got it.
    I’ve stitched red part of page 2. It’s fun to stitch this sampler.
    I hope you enjoy this SAT and get your achievement.

    See you in next SAT!!

    Tranquility Sampler #2

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    Made it :D

    Posted by mombasa67 on March 24, 2008

    Yes, I managed to stitch more than I thought I would! I’ll be posting the picture for just a few days, since our RR is the kind that no pictures until the work is home. So here you can find what I’ve stitched, but just for a few days. Still have a whole lot to stitch on this, but I think the “worst” part is almost done, the rest of the car is mostly whole cross stitches 😀 I started to stitch a stitch-tree, a freebie from somewhere… But updates on that maybe next sat-weekend. Terveisin Mia 

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    My Easter Progress

    Posted by Rachael on March 23, 2008

    I finished Part 3 of the Papillion SAL this weekendPap 3 SS

    And this is how much I did of my new start Bunnies and Blooms by Blue Ribbon DesignsBunnies and Blooms

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    Alli’s March SAT

    Posted by canuckstitcher on March 22, 2008

    I’m laid up at home recuperating post-surgery so this should mean plenty of stitching time this month! I am working on the Lizzie Kate Living With Charm series (although I’ve renamed it Words to Live By). My goal is to finish the second word and make a start on the third. We’ll see!

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    Andrea’s March SAL

    Posted by berkanafairy on March 22, 2008

    I’m gonna add to the rash of new starts this month. I’ve set myself the challenge of starting one thing every month this year and March is Lavender and Lace Celtic Christmas. I don’t have much time left till the end of the month so I need to get cracking! Happy Easter to all!!

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    Leslie’s March SAT

    Posted by ralphy36 on March 22, 2008

    I don’t know that I will be able to get much done this weekend, but I hope to get a good start on the next round of my neighborhood RR. The RR has a graveyard type theme which is quite unique and I am looking forward to stitching on it. Unfortunately, my hubby has to study for his midterms on Monday so I am on my own with munchkin wrangling this weekend. I’ll only get snippets of stitching as he naps. Hopefully I’ll get a little done.

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    Mia’s goals for March SAT

    Posted by mombasa67 on March 21, 2008

    I’ll be stitching an RR part with the theme “Old cars”. I hope to get as much stitched as possible. I’ll be stitching an Aston Martin 1935 and the chart is just a lovely piece 😀 It’s got a lot to stitch since there are stitches this way and that way and somewhere inbetween, half stitch horizontal and vertical… I’ve never done a stitching like this before so I really think it’s a challenge for me!

    Posting pictures after the weekend 😀


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    Leena’s goal

    Posted by leenastitching on March 21, 2008


    I’ll start Periphaeria’s Spanish Mystery Sampler in a minute 🙂 I just finished basting, well, at least I’ve finished basting what I’m going to baste at the moment 😀 We’ll see later if I calculated correctly 🙂 My goal is to stitch as much as possible, fortunately I’ll have lots of stitching time this weekend. Have a happy Easter weekend everyone and especially happy stitching!


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    Beastitcher’s Easter SAT

    Posted by beastitcher on March 21, 2008

    I think, tat this time I will advance in my Tranquility Sampler cause I’d stitched a little bit only.

    I would like to finish part in red of page 2.

    (the purple one is already finished, but I don’t have any recent photo)


    Have a good Easter SAT!!

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    Easter Stitchathon

    Posted by Rachael on March 21, 2008

    I am not entirely sure what I am stitching for this yet,I may start a new project, Will update with any progress! Happy Easter and Happy stitching!

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    Major HD for March!

    Posted by chiasmata on March 20, 2008

    I’m going away for half the easter long long weekend, but I’m taking Northern Dignity with me. So I’ll almost certainly be able to get a happy dance this SAT, and I can’t wait!

    Here’s Northern Dignity at the moment:

    As you can see, not long to go now! I hope everyone has a happy and productive easter.

    Posted in Goals | 3 Comments »