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    Archive for July, 2008

    I almost forgot!

    Posted by Lady Periphaeria on July 27, 2008

    I did participate last weekend’s SAT, but haven’t remembered to post! I wonder where my mind has been… 😉

    Anyway, before and after:

    It’s progressing slowly, but steadily. 🙂

    ETA: I won’t be participating in August as I am having a special guest at that time, but I hope many of you participate!


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    Not a good Weekend

    Posted by kathysdesigns on July 23, 2008

    Hi Everyone, I didn’t get around to stitching this weekend as I had a funeral to go to on Monday, as we lost my grandfather the week before, so not much stitching has been done for over a week, I am back to it and will be ready for the next one.

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    A Good Weekend

    Posted by mcsewing on July 21, 2008

    I’m so happy to be able to join ya’ll!  My goal this weekend was to finish the background on my tapestry.  It didn’t happen because I have a birthday present for my step-mom that I have to get done by mid-October.  It has 6 parts, so my original goal was to do 2 a month and hopefully have all of Oct. to finish it.  However, I had a nephew born on the 1st which reminded me that I hadn’t even thought about his birth sampler. SO, I was way behind on my SM’s gift, but I didn’t want to completely ignore my tapestry….so, I comprimised, I got the greenery done on the tapestry:

    I finished the birth sampler (it’s actually a detail from the tapestry)  I only had the back-stitching left.

    And I took my SM’s gift from:

    To this:

    Thanks so much for letting me join you!  Can’t wait for next month.

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    A good start…

    Posted by Stargazer on July 21, 2008

    I decided to stitch a photo that I’ve charted myself.  I’m working in miniature (what a surprise I hear you gasp! NOT) and managed to get in a good 18 or so hours of work on this.  I did try to count how many stitches I’ve completed but kept losing count so gave up.  There will be a total of nearly 13,000 stitches in this piece and it’s a black and white photo taken from a screenshot of my favourite music video.  I’m not going to say who the subject is yet, it’ll be interesting to see if anyone knows who it is when it’s done…

    There is a huge chunk of just white stitching up the right hand side but it doesn’t show up too well.  It is 110 x 118 stitches and worked on 32ct Jobelan over 1 so it won’t be very big at all.  23 shades of thread are used.  I might continue to work on this throughout the coming month as I really want to see it come to life.

    Thanks for looking!

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    One more finish for July

    Posted by canuckstitcher on July 21, 2008

    I did say that I would try to work on another project today, and sure enough, I was able to start and finish this quick stitch!

    As I mentioned on my previous post, the design is by Julie Jackson of Subversive Cross Stitch. I added the duckie and bunny motifs from elsewhere in her book.

    Here is the final result – all ready to go!

    Hope everyone else had a successful weekend!

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    My July progress

    Posted by Rachael on July 20, 2008

    I have managed to complete parts 7 & 8 of the cross stitch version.

    Also have managed parts 4,5,6,7 & 8 of the speciality stitches version and oh boy! I am all knackered out, you might of noticed that on part 4 (the band across) there are two gaps ,well, there are supposed to be 4 Rhodes heart stitches in each gap, Well I cannot do that stitch, I did try, but gave up as I had enough of frogging it, but I am planning on getting some charms for these gaps instead.

    So I am up to date with that now.

    Haven’t done any on the Lace Garden, but I have done May on the Juggybug Quilt squares,and started June.
    Quilt square


    Both of these are complimentary designs,for the Papillion Creations ‘How does your garden grow’ you have to sign up for their newsletter , and the Juggybug quilt squares can be found HERE

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    After being AWOL – finally a goal achieved!

    Posted by canuckstitcher on July 20, 2008

    Hello all!

    I’ve not been able to participate in quite a few months but I’m so happy to be back and picking up a needle once again! My goal was to finish Baby Girl Sampler by The Stitching Shed that I’ve been working on for a neighbour of mine and I’m pleased to say that I was able to do so. There wasn’t a lot left to do (as you can see from the before and after pics), so it was nice to have the SAT weekend to help me kick things into gear.



    If I have an opportunity to do some more stitching on Sunday then my plan is to start working on the insert for a sippy cup for my son Harry. I’ve got a chart from Subversive Cross Stitch called Babies Suck that I think will be really cute!

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    My Goals for this month’s Stitchathon!

    Posted by Rachael on July 19, 2008

    This weekend I am hoping to get done,

     parts 7 & 8 of my Papillion SAL (cross stitch version)
    Pap x6

    and then maybe Parts 4,5,6,7 & 8

     on the Speciality stitches version of the Papillion SAL
    Pap 3 SS
    And maybe some of my Lace garden Hardanger
    Lace Garden~ Col's Creations

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    I’ll be here…

    Posted by Stargazer on July 14, 2008

    I’ve got a special new project planned for this month’s SAT.  I charted it today and have sorted out all the threads and fabric etc so I’m raring to go!  Looking forward to seeing what everyone else will be working on this time.

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    New Stitcher

    Posted by mcsewing on July 1, 2008

    Hi Ladies,

    I just found ya’ll (by way of Lady Periphaeria)  This will be a good way to make sure I keep working on my large project.  The  finished size will be 20×32 inches and it is something I adapted from a 14th Century French tapestry.  It’s being stitched on 50ct evenweave over 2.  Here’s my progress so far — I’m on page 1 of 18.

    progress as of July 2008

    Glad to be able to join you,


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