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    Archive for the ‘Announcements’ Category

    Some work going to be done ;)

    Posted by Lady Periphaeria on October 17, 2009

    I know, I have been the worst person ever, but life is the one to blame generally… just haven’t had time to stitch, or to anything much in last months.

    SO, I finally added another admin here, Linda who suggested it to me kind of some time ago and I finally remembered to promote her, so I guess some work will finally be done now after a long hiatus. 😛

    And I hope some of these days I can participate SATs again.

    Regardless, say “Hello” to Linda! 🙂


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    Posted by Lady Periphaeria on November 15, 2008

    The next SAT is not this weekend, as this month started in Saturday and hence this weekend isn’t third whole weekend.

    Next SAT is from 21st to 23rd of November. 🙂

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    REMINDER! Read!

    Posted by Lady Periphaeria on September 21, 2008

    I ask that ALL of you read this and comment to confirm that you have read this post!

    (This post is stickified so you need to scroll down a bit to see other entries.)


    Read the rest of this entry »

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    Reminder for non-newsletter subscribers

    Posted by Lady Periphaeria on February 12, 2008

    SAT is in this weekend!

    I recommend that you do subscribe to the Stitch-A-Thon newsletter as I may forget these notifications now that we have a system… :mrgreen:

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    The newsletter

    Posted by Lady Periphaeria on February 6, 2008

    I take it that all silent ones voted for Yay, too, and created an account at
    Though, WP’s sidebars don’t accept the newsletter code so I had to add one step to the subscription procedure and make the form off-site (the form now resides at Periphaeria Designs‘ server). You can subscribe by clicking this link. 🙂

    (The link is also in the right sidebar.)

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    It’s tomorrow! SAT weekend!

    Posted by Lady Periphaeria on January 17, 2008

    Ohmigosh, I almost forgot! 😯
    I hope to see many of you around stitching like mad and showing us all those beautiful pictures! :mrgreen:

    Let the stitching fun begin – tomorrow!

    (In case you wonder, WordPress seems to have some server issues so posting may be a bit difficult.)

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    ‘Tis the season to be stitching

    Posted by Lady Periphaeria on December 19, 2007

    Which means that Stitch-A-Thon weekend is approaching!
    I know that to some of you it is the worst possible weekend ever, so feel free to take a SAT-free month. :mrgreen:

    I will be stitching, and Leena, I challenge you to SAT too… 😉

    And I have a minor request: please categorize your posts under suitable category as WP tends to create silly category (1) when no category is defined.
    It’s simple really. The categories are used like this:

    • Achievements: to post what you achieved during SAT.
    • Announcements: I use this category to announce things.
    • Blogroll: Don’t use this.
    • Goals: to posts where you place your SAT goals.
    • Info: another one for my use.
    • Introductions: Simply for intros.
    • Misc.: for misc. posts, for example feeling bad for not being able to participate due work/life…
    • Participants: to my use only, again. Our blogroll.

    Thanks. 🙂

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    MY SAT and an important note!

    Posted by Lady Periphaeria on November 18, 2007

    Well, as I only have stitched this in Friday and half of Saturday I would say that my SAT achievement was rather good, it could have been better, but I got possessed by this odd thought of doing housework 😯 … (Not that I have done it that much. 😆 ) Anyway, I got about half of Winter stitched:

    And the IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL of you

    I just want to remind you that we here at Stitch-A-Thons respect copyrights in every sense and when I have reason to suspect a copyright infringement I will send a friendly warning to the user(s) affected.
    If such behaviour continues, spite of the warning(s) the infringer will be removed from this blog.

    Remember that sharing is not caring in matter of designs, it is stealing from the designer and the store who both lose income when ever such thing happens.

    Please help us to keep the industry alive (and read the updated Read Me! (I assume that you have and will read it, thank you)). The designers and show owners thank you.

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    Are you ready?!

    Posted by Lady Periphaeria on November 13, 2007

    Yes, it is THAT time of the month again! 😆

    So, take a moment to pick up your project for this month and stack your fridge full with ready-made food so you can concentrate on important things during the weekend: marathon stitching! (And if you haven’t already done so, take a minute to read the Read Me! page.)

    I am, as, I think, are all the others, waiting to see what YOU will achieve during the weekend! 🙂

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    It’s soon time for another SAT!

    Posted by Lady Periphaeria on October 14, 2007

    Next weekend (from 19th to 21st) will be the official SAT weekend so prepare your projects! 🙂

    See you then! 🙂

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    Posted by Lady Periphaeria on September 28, 2007

    As stated previously do NOT upload your images into this blog’s uploads.

    I will remove all the images uploaded to SAT into Imageshack and delete them from SAT’s uploads. In future all images uploaded to SAT will be deleted without further notice. (Sounds nasty, but saves a buttload of work from me. 8) )

    As there is no unlimited space to store the images it is just fair that NO ONE gets to use SAT’s image storage. I am not using it either for my SAT pictures. (I reserve the right to use it for administrational purposes.)

    Thank you for your co-operation. 🙂 (See the left sidebar for some free image hosts.)

    P.S. I will write a page on the matter for future reference over the weekend. 🙂

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    Prepare your needles!

    Posted by Lady Periphaeria on September 16, 2007

    … and choose your project as next Stitch-A-Thon will be in the coming weekend (from 21st to 23rd)!

    I’m hoping to see many of you participating! 🙂

    Listening to: Los HermanosO Pouco que Sobrou via Last.Fm

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    Are you prepared?!

    Posted by Lady Periphaeria on August 13, 2007

    Our first Stitch-A-Thon will start at Friday 17th of August! I hope to see many of you participating! 🙂

    Now playing: The Cruxshadows – Marilyn, My Bitterness via FoxyTunes

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    1st SAT weekend…

    Posted by Lady Periphaeria on July 21, 2007

    … is from Friday 17th to Sunday 19th of August.

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