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    Archive for the ‘misc’ Category


    Posted by berkanafairy on June 12, 2010

    Does anyone still drop by here and wonder where everyone is? Would love participating in the Stitch-a-thon again, if anyone else is interested?


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    I stitched… a little

    Posted by mcsewing on October 20, 2009

    I didn’t even get my small projects done, much less touch the dragon, and now my computer won’t let me upload images, so I cant even show you pictures.

    Ok. Here we go.. Before:


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    I sure hate to see this die…

    Posted by mcsewing on July 16, 2009

    Well, let’s see if we can give this another try. 🙂  I actually have a before pic this month and I plan on getting a lot done, so I really hope someone else joins me.

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    Updates for SAL

    Posted by Susan on May 18, 2009

    Here is the first update-I finished most of the stitching and backstitching on Shimmering Mermaid.  I started the beading at the top-it is so much fun!
    Shimmering Mermaid 5-17-09

    And here is my finish- Peach Tree Cottage by Little House Needleworks

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    Hello all

    Posted by Susan on May 16, 2009

    Seems like we have missed the monthly reminder the last few months-and if I don’t get a reminder, I am not likely to remember!  I am stitching on Mirabilia’s Shimmering Mermaid along with you-will post a picture at the end of the SAL.

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    I needed that.

    Posted by mcsewing on April 20, 2009

    After not getting much stitching in for almost three months, I really needed  a stitching break. I managed to ignore most of the screaming banshee”s and got a good bit done:

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    Posted by mcsewing on April 17, 2009

    I certainly hope to actually get some stitching in this weekend.  Here’s my before picture:

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    Sorry I missed it

    Posted by mcsewing on February 28, 2009

    I’m glad to see all the progress everyone made this month!  I have hardly had a chance to touch my stitching or the computer this month.  Hopefully next month will be better.

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    Feb SAT

    Posted by berkanafairy on February 21, 2009

    I’m finally back online with a decent broadband connection after months of unpredictability so will be joining in this weekend for the first time in ages! I haven’t decided what to work on yet though, either Mosey ‘n’ Me afghan or Michael Powell. Or maybe something else. Hmmm.

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    Changed my mind

    Posted by Susan on November 25, 2008

    Hi all-

    Scrapped the Silver Lining piece-didn’t like the fabric I had it on.  So I started something new-HAED’s French Fililgree.  I am using Vicki Clayton Silks and a Silkweaver fabric.  So far I like it!  I enjoy seeing everyone else’s updates!


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    Right weekend-new start!

    Posted by Susan on November 22, 2008

    Well now that I am on the right weekend for the SAL, I will have a new start.  I am starting Silver Lining’s “Sweet Peas”.

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    My very little progress

    Posted by Marlies on November 17, 2008

    The progress I made this weekend has to be frogged again next weekend, at least for the better part 😦 Go see my blog, there’s a picture!

    Love, Marlies

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    White Nights for me

    Posted by Susan on November 15, 2008

    Hi everyone-

    I will be stitching on White Nights of St Petes-will post a picture later!

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    Stitching Baby

    Posted by Renée Goodvin on November 15, 2008

    I’ll be stitching this weekend! I am going to work on a baby gift for a friend and try to get it finished. I am visiting at Thanksgiving and want to have it done so I can give it to her then.

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    Progress pics

    Posted by Susan on October 21, 2008

    Sorry for being late-got busy and didn’t have time to take pics.

    As promised, I started Beyond my Heart.  I got all the words done and am ready to start the flowers.


    I also started my birthday present-it is canvaswork by Nancy’s Needle called Amish Trip around the world.  I love the colors and couldn’t stop myself from starting it!


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    Sorry everyone!

    Posted by Lady Periphaeria on October 19, 2008

    I am sorry that I missed sending the reminder email to you all, I honestly didn’t remember whole SAT weekend before today! 😯
    My lame excuse is that I have just started a new job and I have been working every day last week – and as the job is new I have been quite tired when I get home because there’s so much to learn and remember.

    I hope this won’t happen again. 😳

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    Getting back to the dragon

    Posted by mcsewing on October 16, 2008

    Well my deadline for the ducklings is the 19th and I’m *just* going to make it.  I hope to finish them up Friday as I’m quite anxious to get back to work on the dragon.  I’d be absolutely thrilled if I could get the upper snout finished.

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    Not as much as I hoped

    Posted by mcsewing on September 23, 2008

    I didn’t have near as much stitching time as I had hoped this weekend, Only got about halfway done with this scene.

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    Another late post

    Posted by canuckstitcher on September 23, 2008

    I didn’t get a chance to post last week with a “before” picture, but to be honest, I hadn’t done very much anwyay. I didn’t do any stitching on Friday, so used Monday instead to finish off the backstitch.

    This is Lickle Ted, and I’m happy he’s done since he’s been hanging over me for AGES to be finished! I’m sending him off today to a chatboard that I’m part of, where he will be sewn up with some other ladies’ squares to make a baby quilt for a lady who is having a baby soon. I hope she likes it!

    I’m at work so can’t take the time to comment on individual pieces, just wanted to also add though, that I think everyone’s stitching is lovely!



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    What I got done…

    Posted by Susan on September 23, 2008


    I managed to outline the 3 remaining corners of part 7 and fill almost all of the top left hand corner.  It went pretty fast-will probably contine to work on this for while.  Love seeing everyone’s work!

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