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    Read Me!

    Welcome to the “Read_Me.txt” of Stitch-A-Thons. This page consist of three different sections:

    1. Basic Rules
    2. Notes
    3. How-To



    Why we need rules? Because that is how society works more efficiently, that guarantees peace and harmony in most parts. We are a micro society, hence we need some basic written rules – just to keep things running smoothly and provide the equality. 🙂

    1. Image rules

    1. Use your own photo host.
      SAT blog has its own upload quota on WordPress servers, but as it would run out quite fast it is fair that NONE of us uses it. (It may be used for administrative purposes by the admin, but that’s all.)
      Net is filled with free photohosting services, the left side bar has links to few, but you can find dozens of them just by using Google – or ask from your friends! 🙂

    2. Use linking thumbnails (How-to is in the end of the page) or pictures smaller than 400×400.

    I will check the upload folder every once in a while and if there is any uploads they will be deleted without prior notification. This applies also to BIG pictures which break the blog’s layout.

    2. Respect copyrights, say NO to copywrongs
    This is one part of being fair. Designers work hard for the designs we love to stitch and therefore no links to illegal design sources will be tolerated nor “sharing” allowed.
    Such links/ requests/ suggestions will be deleted by administration and user(s) will be warned – this applies also to such occasions where users do it under the counter and I find out about it.

    But, please tell us who is designed the lovely piece you are stitching so those of us who love the design can purchase it to themselves. And if it was a legal complimentary design we would love the link to it. 🙂

    NOTE: Sharing is not always caring and in needlework indrustry sharing patterns between two stitchers is actually stealing from the designer and the store owner who both work hard for their income. “Sharing” patterns can and will lead designers to quit designing and that is bad news for everyone of us as it reduces the selection – and as said, it is stealing. We wouldn’t steal from store, would we?
    In Stitch-A-Thons we respect copyrights and therefore I hope that you respect them too. Continuous infringements will lead to consequences, in SAT’s case removing the copyright infringer from the blog’s author list.

    3. Treat your fellow stitcher as you want to be treated.
    I’m quite sure that your mother taught you this, but repeat is never a bad thing: do not flame or abuse.
    Stitch-A-Thon participants come from several different nations, religions, ethnicities etc. and we should all be treated and respected equally.

    In short: no abusing, flaming or any such behaviour.

    4. Delete your drafts after posting.
    I have noticed that we have drafts piling up in the posting section.
    Please, remove them after you have posted your SAT posts for the month. I will occasionally delete the drafts (between SATs just not to delete current drafts) to keep things running smoothly.

    5. Do not create categories.
    To keep simple and clear, please, do not create any extra categories.

    If you think there’s need for one contact me by email or leave a comment to this post.


    1. Stitch-A-Thon will always happen at the third whole weekend of the month. You are not required to participate every month, even though we’d love to see you around.

    No holiday changes this: as we come from so many nationalities, cultures and religions I see it best to reserve the same time for it every month: if you have a holiday to celebrate we all hope you have a great time and join us in the next month. 🙂


    1. Adding basic image to your post (replace brackets with angle brackets!):

    (img src=”your-image’s-direct-url-here”)

    2. Adding linking image (replace brackets with angle brackets!):

    (a href=”your-normal-image’s-url-here”)(img src=”image’s-thumbnail’s-url-here”)(/a)

    (If this wasn’t helpful you can find loads of tutorials through Google, just type in linking images.)

    If you think this page is missing something please leave a comment and I will look into it. 🙂


    9 Responses to “Read Me!”

    1. […] Read Me! […]

    2. brokenfairy said

      I have read it! 🙂

    3. mombasa67 said

      Read this also :D! And hope to be able to add a pic the right way next time :S 😉

    4. […] Read Me! […]

    5. Stargazer said

      I’ve read it too. Thanks for making everything clearer. 😀

    6. […] Read Me! […]

    7. Sue said

      I have read.

    8. […] Read Me! […]

    9. maooose said

      I have read this. Thanks.

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